Tips to Make the Most of your Pokemon Go Game

Pokemon Go will get you on your feet and move around. Pokemon Go was developed and released by Niantic’s Real World Gaming platform which uses real places in order to encourage users to search far and wide in real realm. It is the game you wouldn’t want to miss if it is available in your region. Pokemon Go can be your newest game if you’re up for more virtual and real-life adventures!

The game was conceived by Nintendo in 2014 as collaboration of Google and The Pokemon Company. The collaboration was called the Pokemon challenge and the game’s concept was then developed and applied for Pokemon series. The first beta version was made Japan-exclusive and announced by Niantic on March 2016. The beta tests were expanded to other different companies and ended on June 30 this year. Since its released in different regions, Pokemon Go became the fastest game application to top both Google Play and the App store.

Knowing the Pokedex and Catching your first Pokemon creature

Professor Willow is known as the game’s scholar who will walk you through the steps on catching your first Pokemon creature. While he doesn’t give you full details to catching creatures you will be redirected to an open map around you. Your mobile device will use its camera and GPS in order to access and show a map of your current location. As you move along, your trainer will also move along your virtual map where you will see interesting locations such as PokeStops and Poke Gyms. You can start moving around in your real-world location to embark on your Pokemon journey. Once you see a Pokemon creature along the way, you can take aim using the touch screen of your smartphone then throw the Poke Ball in order to catch it. Pokedex is the place where your creatures will be saved along with their respective information.


When you transverse the real surroundings, you will occasionally run into Pokemon creatures. There is a handy Pokemon ball icon at the bottom of the map where you can trace the nearby Pokemon creature to your physical location. Well, catching Pokemon doesn’t always come easy, this is what Pokemon battle often refers to. Unlike what we can easily think of, the battle in this game isn’t between two Pokemon creatures, it is between the creature and your ability to swipe the Poke Ball into their direction in order to catch it. A colored ring appears around the creature which changes in size in every capture attempt. The colored ring indicates the level of difficulty in catching a specific Pokemon creature.

The GamePlay

With the game’s massive popularity, it is surely interesting to know the top tricks and tips to enjoy a Pokemon adventure. When it is your first time to launch the game in your mobile device, you will have to customize the look of your Trainer or game avatar. You can choose accessories and apparel that would match your ideal character that will represent you in the virtual world.


Pokemon Items

There is a wide variety of in-app purchases of Pokemon items you can use. They are not necessary but they can surely help you increasing the odds of catching and upgrading your Pokemon creatures. Most commonly-used and highly helpful items which may help you in the quest are incense, lucky egg, egg incubator and the lure module. Every item will unsurprisingly cost you real money but they may be worth it to make the most of your Pokemon Go game experience.